Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sparky's first Christmas - final excerpt Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Life is good!

What an exciting day. I played gently with my Christmas gifts because I didn’t want to hurt them. Tommy and Chica raced around the bedroom shredding the wrapping paper and chasing the pieces blown by the warm tropical wind. Servant and Driver laughed at their silly antics.

Chica batted her catnip mouse and her little foam balls across the room, back and forth, until they got stuck under furniture. She was only five years old, and had a lot of energy.

“Never mind, Chica, Servant said. “I’ll get them for you later.”

Tommy discovered canned shrimp and a bag of catnip in his stocking. The catnip made him very playful for a few minutes and then he fell asleep. Maybe because he is fourteen years old, he gets tired faster.

Later in the morning we had breakfast, played together in the kitchen, and then everyone including Servant and Driver had a siesta. Early in the afternoon I could smell delicious aromas coming from the barbeque in the courtyard. Driver was slowly roasting the turkey for our Christmas dinner. In my previous home, I didn’t know what that smell was or where it was coming from, and it made me drool with hunger. Now I was here, in this house, and I am going to eat some of that delicious meat. What a lucky doggie.

After sundown the festive lights on our palm trees created a fairyland of light and color in our yard. Beautiful music drifted through the house, and our people sang about funny things I had never heard of; snowmen, one-horse-sleighs, and jingle bells.

A few of Servant and Driver’s friends came over and we ate a tasty dinner exactly like Chica had described. Turkey is amazing! It was the best meal I had ever eaten. The humans talked, laughed, clinked their glasses together and wished each other a Merry Christmas. ¡Feliz Navidad!

I slowly drifted off to sleep clutching my new stuffed toy. I was grateful, happy, and very sleepy. I thought about all the people and animals who had never known so much love.

Merry Christmas. ¡Feliz Navidad!


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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Sparky's 1st Christmas with us - excerpt from A Surprise Gift

          Sparky in 'his' golf cart on Isla Mujeres Mexico.

Chapter 8

It’s Christmas!

¡Feliz Navidad! said Driver.

“Merry Christmas everyone,” Servant said, and then she kissed Driver. “Happy Christmas, my love.”

Tucked into the king-sized bed, between our humans, Tommy sleepily opened one eye. Being the most senior animal in the family, he was allowed to sleep in their bed.

Chica stretched and yawned. She liked her cozy little nest on the nightstand beside Servant. She jumped onto the bed to say good morning.

I was curled up in my comfy bed on the floor beside Driver. It was a good place for me to sleep because I could keep an eye on both entrances; the bedroom door and the patio door. As the only dog in the house, it was my job to protect everyone.

Christmas Day. I had forgotten this was the day I had planned to hide outside in the bushes, in case the cats were going to play a trick on me. I quietly slithered towards the entrance, hoping I could zip past when someone opened the bedroom door.

Servant hopped out of bed and opened the patio door. “What a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Just look at that view!” she said, pointing towards the turquoise Caribbean Sea. “I’ll go get our coffees and be right back.”

“Sparky, where are you going?” Driver asked. “Come here little buddy,” he patted the bed.

I tucked my tail and slunk back towards Driver.

¡Feliz Navidad Sparky!” Drivers said, as he scratched my ears and rubbed my tummy. “We have presents for everyone, including you.”

Presents? For me? I gazed hopefully at his kind face.

Servant returned with a tray holding two cups of coffee and a pile of goodies; some were for our humans and some were for us. She handed one cup of coffee to Driver, then distributed the treats to everyone.

“Okay, time for presents!” Driver said, pulling several objects out from their hiding place. Two were wide red sacks that were filled with colorfully wrapped items. Two were long and looked like over-sized socks, and another was shaped like a large red paw.

Servant held up the fuzzy red paw, “Sparky, it has your name on it!”

For me? Just for me! I carefully took it from her hand then set it on the floor. I grinned happily, as my tail swished back and forth. A present. A red fuzzy paw, with my name on it.

Tommy looked over the edge of the bed to see what I was doing, “Silly dog, open your gifts,” he said.

“I did. It’s a big red paw.”

“That’s just the container. The gifts are inside.” He reached into his sock and snagged a brightly decorated parcel with his claws. Then he pulled it out and ripped off the paper. “See, this is a bag of cat snacks, and there are more things inside.”

I stuck my nose deep inside the fluffy paw and pulled out a stuffed toy. Oh my, I’d never had a toy. It was beautiful, a black and white dog that looked like my younger brother. We hadn’t seen each other since we were puppies, and I hoped he was having a good Christmas too.

Chica said, “Look inside again, Sparky. I think you have another present.”

I put my nose inside again, and yes there was another toy, a silly yellow cat. This one didn’t have big sharp claws. Two toys!

I really like Christmas.

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Friday, December 16, 2022

Learning the rules - excerpt from A Surprise Gift, Sparky's story


Chapter 7

Learning the rules

Buen diá Princesa Chica. ¿Cómo está?” I said, “Good day Princess Chica. How are you?”

¿Estoy bien, gracias, y tú?” Chica answered me in cat-Spanish and I understood. She had said she was doing well, thank you, and then asked how I was.

I was so pleased I couldn’t stop my tail from doing its helicopter-spin of happiness. “I’m very well thank you,” I replied, then I noticed she was sitting beside a little tree that was covered in cute decorations.

“Oh, that’s a good idea, an indoor bathroom for pets,” I said. “But why is it sitting on a table? It should be on the floor.”

“No!” Chica quickly said. “This is our Christmas tree, un árbol de Navidad. Our humans would be upset if you peed on it.”

“Really?” I put my front paws on the low wooden table and gave the tree a sniff. It didn’t smell anything like a real tree. “What’s a Christmas tree?” I asked.

“It is part of the decorations our humans display at this time of the year.”

“So, Servant and Driver are also Decorators? Do we call them Decorator One and Decorator Two?” The rules of my new home were very puzzling. And why shouldn’t I pee on the tree? That’s what trees were for.

“No,” Chica answered, “she’s always Servant and he’s always Driver. Tommy says we don’t want to confuse them.”

Si, now I remember. He told me that humans are difficult to train.” I agreed.

“Si, very difficult,” she agreed. “Tommy is very smart, and you should always listen to his advice.”

“I will,” I said, carefully studying the fancy tree. I still didn’t understand why I couldn’t use it for my indoor bathroom.

“We are extra lucky because we were born in Mexico and there are many winter celebrations, not just Christmas,” Chica said. “The holiday season starts with December 12th, Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe- Virgin of Guadalupe Day. Then, December 16th to the 24th is the Posadas, the procession recreating the journey of Mary and Joseph, and December 24th, Nochebuena or Christmas Eve is when Mexican families have their special feasts. Our people and many of their friends are called Gringos and they have their feast on December 25th.”

“Is that when the people create loud noises?  Lots of booms and bangs?”

“Yes, fireworks scare me,” Chica answered.

“I usually just hide under something and try to sleep,” I said.

“Me too!” Chica said. “The best part of the holiday season is that our people like to invite their friends and some of their cat-friendly dogs to a party at our house. They laugh, play music, sing, and eat lots of yummy foods.”

“I don’t think my first human had a lot of money. We never had a party,” I said, wistfully. “Parties sound like a lot of fun.”

“Si,” she agreed, “and our humans also go to our friends’ houses to celebrate.”

“Do you get invited too?” I asked.

“Tommy and I are invited to the parties that are close by,” she said, “We follow Servant and Driver along the beach.”

“What else do you do to celebrate?” I asked.

“My goodness you ask a lot of silly questions!” Chica flicked her tail and glared at me.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t understand everything about my new life yet.” I said, “please be patient with me.”

She sighed, “Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry. We were all strays at one time.” She licked one paw and cleaned her whiskers.

I was fascinated. She knew how to self-clean just like Tommy. Maybe she could teach me, but not right now, because she was still talking about the holidays.

“And there are parades with funny costumes,” she said, “and music, and people tossing candy for the children and their parents. Many people go to a building called a church and sing nice songs,” she added. “It’s a very busy time on the island, but we enjoy the excitement. My favorite day is Christmas Day. We get presents in the morning, then we eat turkey and sweet potatoes at dinner time.”

“Turkey? What’s that?” I asked.

“Turkey is awesome! It’s a huge bird that is roasted for hours and then we feast on it. Servant, Driver, Tommy, me, and of course you this year. We eat and eat, and then fall asleep.” Just thinking about the upcoming feast made Chica feel sleepy. She stretched and yawned, “the celebrations continue until January 6th Día de Reyes, when the Mexican children receive their presents from the three kings.”

“Presents? What are presents?”

“Presents are my favorite,” she replied with a sly grin. “You’ll see.”

Oh no, I really don’t like it when a cat gives me a sneaky smile. I am pretty sure it means something bad for me, like another visit to the cat-doctor.

Maybe I should just hide outside in the bushes on Christmas day.

 To be continued ...

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings

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Woof, woof, Sparky

Thursday, September 22, 2022

I'm a hero! - excerpt from A Surprise Gift, Sparky's story


I’m a hero!

“I’m going rollerblading,” Servant said to Driver. 

(Servant and Driver are the names that Thomas the Cat gave our humans when he first met them.) 

Servant was carrying a pair of boots that had a row of wheels attached to the bottom, thick gloves, a hard thing like the moto drivers wear on their heads, and a broom.

“What’s the broom for?” Driver asked.

Good question. Why would she need a broom? I wondered.

“For sweeping the concrete pad at the park,” she replied. “The little kids like to toss pebbles onto the concrete. If my blades hit the stones I might trip.”

“Okay, have a good time,” he said.

Wagging my tail excitedly I waited for her to clip my leash to my collar and take me along. I have no clue what rollerblading is but I want to go with her.

“No, Sparky, you have to stay home and look after the house,” she said.

I tucked my tail, and slunk into my hiding place under the sofa. When she says those words, I know I must stay home with the cats.

Servant bent over and looked under the sofa, “don’t worry Sparky, we’ll go for a golf cart ride later.”

I gave her my sad-eyed-don’t-leave-me look, but she just smiled at me and shut the door.

A short time later I heard a horrible shrieking noise coming from someplace down the street. Oh no! I think Servant is hurt. I raced around the living room, looking for an exit. All the doors were tightly closed. Then I jumped onto the kitchen table, and slammed my broad shoulders through partially open window. It hurt! A lot! But I had to save my friend, Servant.

“Sparky! Stop!” Driver shouted at me.

I didn’t stop. I dashed outside and listened. There. More screams. Oh no, I hope I can save her. I ran south towards the little park where I sometimes swim in the ocean.

I ran, and ran, over the sharp rocks. Over the big stones. Over the sand, and through the prickly bushes. Suddenly the screaming stopped.

Panting and frightened, I raced into the park searching frantically for my human.

Then I heard Servant’s laughter coming from the street.

“She’s so cute. But my goodness, she’s noisy.” Servant said. She was standing beside a man and his daughter. They were all looking down at a small dog.

What an ugly dog. It was pink and hairless and made snorting noises like those dogs with the squished faces. It had two toes on each foot, that looked dangerously sharp. The man picked up the weird dog and it started to scream, again. “She doesn’t like to be picked up. But, she’s still too little to jump in the car on her own.”

Servant noticed me, “Sparky, what are you doing here?” She patted her thigh to call me to her, but I stayed back. My feet were planted. My sharp fangs were ready to use. I was prepared to spring into action if that pink dog attacked Servant.

“There he is,” said Driver as he parked the golf cart beside us. “When the screaming started Sparky jumped on the table and barged his way through the window. The one that we leave locked open, just wide enough for the cats to come and go. It was a very tight fit for Sparky.”

The man stuffed his weird little dog inside his car and the shrieks stopped. “I’m really sorry about the awful noise,” he said with a little shrug of his shoulders.

“It’s no problem,” Servant said, then bent down and called me to her. “Sparky baby, did you bruise your shoulders when you forced your way out of the window?”

“Guau-guau, jau-jau,” I answered. I was sore, but very relieved that she was okay.

“You are my hero! You saved me from the piglet,” she said with a wide grin.

Her hero! I felt very important. That piglet must be a very dangerous animal. It certainly sounded dangerous.

Driver and Servant waved goodbye to the man and we headed back home in our golf cart. A little later we had lunch at Ballyhoo Restaurante in Centro, to celebrate.

Servant said we were celebrating me being her hero!

Woof, woof, Sparky

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Friday, January 28, 2022

How to bring an entire village to a standstill.


This is the two-lane road in Mousehole
“Lady! Move the car!” A ginger-haired, spittle-spraying, police officer bellowed at me through the passenger’s window. He’d assumed that I was the driver, being as we were in the British Isles and person on the righthand side of the car should have been the driver. 

However, we were driving an Aston Martin, built in Britain for the North American market which meant the steering wheel was on the lefthand side of the car.

Ha! I fooled him. But I prudently didn’t mention that to the irate man.

I wasn’t oblivious to the problem building up around our car on Wharf Street, in the hamlet of Mousehole. The traffic had been creeping past by alternating one way then the other accompanied by filthy looks from frustrated drivers, but finally a delivery van firmly shoved a cork in the bottleneck. It was unable to pass between our car and the ancient stone wall of the hotel and the entire seaside village came to a standstill.

Mousehole is a tiny gem on the edge of the English Channel, in Cornwall England. In 1991, on an extended road trip through Europe, we had wandered our way southish from Northern Ireland, through the Welsh communities of, Swansea, Cardiff, and on to Bristol England, regrettably bypassing Bath. We continued on to Exeter then Plymouth, until we were on narrow country lanes that were hemmed in by stone walls and overhanging vegetation and littered with sheep traveling to and from their home pastures. As with every discovery on this journey, we had no set plan or route to follow, and were content to go where the road looked interesting.

The harbour in Mousehole
And Mousehole definitely looked interesting.

The miniscule harbour was sealed off in the stormy winter months, with at that time, massive timbers that were lowered into metal brackets. We were there in August, of 1991, at what should have been the height of tourist season but because of the recent Gulf War, very few tourists and virtually no Americans were traveling. 

In Mousehole, pronounced by locals as Muzzle, or as it sounded to me Mowzel, the roads predate horse and carriage days, barely one vehicle wide and not designed for modern day transportation. Lawrie parked the Aston Martin near The Ship Inn, with two wheels close to the hotel wall and her wide butt hanging into traffic. Ignoring my protests, he hopped out of the car and headed into the hotel. The Ship Inn would normally have had a two-year waiting list for summer visitors. A few minutes later I glimpsed Lawrie and the manager traipsing through the hotel viewing the available rooms. 

The Aston Martin (green) on a typical road
Just as the British bobby was spraying me with spittle and anger, Lawrie and the hotel manager crossed through the traffic to the annex on the other side of the road. The copper lost his cool, screaming at the hotel manager, who gaily waved and continued on his way. He was more concerned with snagging the seemingly rich guests for a few nights’ accommodation, than he was with the tangled mess of local traffic.

Frustrated, the police officer turned his blue-eyed glare back on me, “I said, move this car lady." His expression said quite clearly that he would like to bash the shit out of the expansive hood of the car with his wide hand. The tiny alcove that the car occupied was the only place that vehicles could squeeze past each other.

Sheepishly, I squashed my holiday-sized body out of the passenger’s door, rounded to the driver’s side and contorted my way back into the car. Climbing across the front seats wasn’t an option with gearshift and handbrake creating poking hazards for my nether regions. I started the Aston and waited for the copper to clear a pathway. Stomping backwards past several cars he angrily indicated they should reverse, then it was my turn to inch back a few feet allowing the delivery van to make a left turn onto a side-street. Another policeman did the same for the vehicles facing me, making everyone move back two car lengths to allow the stupid tourist to get the hell out of the way.

Everyone quietly fumed in their cars. No horn honking. No road rage. Just quiet, seething anger aimed at the idiots with the British Columbia license plate proudly displaying a Canadian flag.

Lawrie writing post cards to family
I squeezed the Aston Martin into a spot on the wharf, in an area reserved for the hotel guests. By the time the traffic was inching forward to their original destinations, Lawrie had registered us for a two-night stay. Smiling happily at his choice of a lovely seaside room, he joined me on the wharf, “everything okay, then?”

Seeing my exasperated expression, he started to laugh, “I knew you would handle it.”

“Thanks, so very much,” I retorted, “you are buying me a nice dinner this evening.”

We spent two memorable days exploring the lovely side streets, cafés, and interesting boutique stores occupying the original cottages that had belonged to the fishermen and their families. At one store we came across a sweet little children’s book, by Antonia Barber, The Mousehole Cat. The cat, Mouser, is credited with saving the villagers one stormy winter’s night. The villagers were starving because they couldn’t get their fishing boats out through the narrow opening in the harbour, the seas were too rough and the wind ferocious. The old cat and her elderly owner, Tom Bawcock, set off in their tiny fishing boat to find fish for the residents knowing them might never return.

The fishing adventure ends with great success and everyone in the village, including an assortment of cats, enjoys a hearty meal of Mouser’s favourite meal, Stargazy Pie. This pie is traditionally made with a combination of seven types of fish including mackerel, ling cod, herring, and whole pilchards (sardines) and topped with a pasty crust. The pilchards are baked whole with heads poking through the pastry top, appearing to gaze at the stars. There are many variations of the original recipe, which include hard-boiled eggs, bacon, onion, mustard, or white wine. In late December on Tom Bawcock's Eve, Stargazy Pie is served at The Ship Inn, in Mousehole, sometimes accompanied by a re-enactment of the legend.

Before we left Mousehole, I purchased a copy of The Mousehole Cat. The book traveled from Cornwall England through fifteen countries, before returning to Canada with us later in 1991.

Somewhere in the sorting and packing preparations to move to Isla Mujeres Mexico in 2008, I gave the book to a good friend as a keepsake. Then recently I discovered I could order another copy from Amazon! It arrived today. 

Tonight, I poured a glass of wine to enjoy while I re-read the The Mousehole Cat, and reminisce about an entertaining experience thirty years ago with my adventure partner, Lawrie.

For the full story watch this little video on YouTube: Mousehole Cat

Link to The Ship Inn:


Lynda and my new adventure pal, Sparky the Mexican pooch who adopted us in 2013.


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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Goats on the roof!

Goats on Roof - posing for photos. 
"What if we put goats on the roof?" 

It's a simple question that created a hugely popular tourist destination located in the community of Coombs, on Vancouver Island. 

The original Old Country Market was created in the early 1970's by Kristian Graaten and his wife, Solveig, who had emigrated with their children to Vancouver Island from Norway in the 1950s. 

The Old Country Market

The sod roof was inspired by their Norwegian homeland where farm structures are frequently built directly into the hillside with the roof becoming an extension of the land. 

The complex is an eclectic mixture of shops and eateries including the original fruit stand, a diverse market, a yummy donut shop, a coffee house, La Taqueria Mexican cantina, the Cuckoo Trattoria Italian restaurant, and an amazing selection of huge garden pots. 

Okanagan fresh fruit
We arrived late on a Thursday afternoon, but couldn't find a parking space within three blocks so decided to return the next morning at opening time.

On Friday morning my friends and I freely roamed the original marketplace purchasing olives, artisan cheese, gourmet crackers, their own brand of olive oil, and beautiful Mexican glass tumblers. 

Then we moved on to the fresh produce in the next building and stocked up on Okanagan fruit and local vegetables.

Ninety minutes later as we were leaving the complex was rapidly filling up with locals and tourists coming to experience this unique combination of fun and function.

Mexican glass tumblers
As for the question, “What if we put goats on the roof?” 

According to the company's webpage it was the weekend of the Coombs Fall Fair and the grass was getting rather long. Legend has it that, after a few glasses of wine, Larry suggested that they ‘borrow’ some goats to ‘mow’ the grass and perhaps provide some entertainment for passing cars. 

The goats hang out here when not on roof duty
The goats became permanent tenants of the Coombs market that weekend and have been there for more than thirty years. Each spring, a trip of goats makes their home on the roof, entertaining both locals and visitors from all over the world. The goats take turns on the rooftop, posing for tourists while other members of the tribe relax in the shady field below the complex. 

Italian restaurant and produce market
The Old Country Market is now owned and operated by Larry and Lene Geekie and their family. ‘Goats On Roof’ has become one of the top tourist destinations in British Columbia. 

If you are on Vancouver Island, it is worth the time to stop and experience Goats on Roof.

Lynda & my travel buddy Sparky

Love, lust, and loot!

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Driving into the past

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and I was restless. I just had to get out of the condo and do something! Anything. It was a perfect day for a road-trip, a contact-free road-trip staying within my approved region in keeping with the British Columbia COVID restrictions. (Sigh!)

I quickly assembled a few necessities; camera, credit card for gas, water and snacks for both Sparky and me, his water bowl and leash, my sunglasses and off we go. We headed north to Summerland, stopping at one of our favourite places to allow him a last chance to pee before we hit the mountainous, four-lane Coquihalla Highway with its limited places to stop for a puppy-dog pee break. 

Tim McGraw

We arrived in my old home town, Merritt, population 7000, around ten in the morning. I did a quick tour driving past our house on Merritt Avenue, the claybanks swimming hole, and the compact downtown area. I spent my teenage years in this town and for me it was a great place to grow up. I walked everywhere with my large white mutt, never worrying about my safety and always able to find a friend or two to hang out with.

Martina, Reba, Carrie
Merritt has been host to a number of high-profile country music stars over the years. Big names that anyone would recognize, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw to name a few. Wikipedia has a more complete list of the stars who performed in Merritt. Many have been honored with large murals covering downtown buildings, or on the Walk of the Stars. The Merritt Mountain Music Festival at its peak attracted 148,000 to the six-day event, but the accommodations were RV's and motorhomes when the small city was inundated with people.

That event petered out in 2012 and was replaced with the Rockin' River Music Festival attracting stars like Keith Urban, Jon Pardi, and Travis Tritt. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, everything is on hold for the time being. 

Nicola Stock Farm 

From Merritt, I headed north towards the well-preserved remains of the Nicola Stock Farm that was started in 1919. A stately manor, the courthouse, and a few other smaller buildings still remain. When I was a teenager the ranch manager and family lived on site, but now it is part of the massive Douglas Lake Ranch encompassing about 271,000 acres of land. The remaining buildings are a tourist attraction that can be viewed from the outside.

Our next brief stop was at the Quilchena Hotel, just a little further up the road. Again this was once an independent and well-known ranching family's property which has been folded into the Douglas Lake Ranch. The hotel, restaurant, and golf course have recently closed due to a lack of business caused by travel restrictions and a drop in tourism. It's a lovely old place that as a kid fascinated me. 

Quilchena Hotel
Lawrie and I once stayed at the Quilchena Hotel for a weekend in the early 1980's. I still remember when the young woman checked us in she said, "every room comes with a horse." We burst out laughing at the thought of a large horse climbing the grand staircase to our room, and settling into our double bed. We were so amused that we did take her up on the offer, and went horseback riding the next morning. Neither of us could be considered riders and I am certain the horses were relieved when we told our guide to take us back earlier than planned. A nice cold drink in the original bar was far more our style.

Nicola Lake

From Quilchena, I drove along the shores of the Nicola Lake towards Kamloops. At the entrance to Kamloops, I turned south along the other arm of the Coquihalla Highway and headed back to Merritt. When I'm on a roadtrip I like to stop frequently and explore, or take photos and by the time we turned south we had been travelling for five hours. My little buddy was tired of being in the car. His tummy was upset and he just wanted to go home. 

I hardly stopped at all on the return trip, but even so, we were eight hours on the road by the time we got back. And we didn't have contact with anyone except the drive-through person who handed me a cup of coffee in Merritt. 

I loved the drive, but I miss the human contact. I can't wait until these restrictions end.


Lynda and The Sparkinator

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Sparky's first Christmas - final excerpt Chapter 9

  Chapter 9 Life is good! What an exciting day. I played gently with my Christmas gifts because I didn’t want to hurt them. Tommy and Ch...